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The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™)

  • Do you experience the lingering effects of a traumatic event or time in your life? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, phobias, or autoimmune conditions that never go better?
  • Perhaps a loved one of yours has gone through hardship or emotional trauma?
  • Do you believe that you are not enough and your needs are unimportant?

You may then be interested to learn more about The Richards Trauma Process™, created by Judith Richards. This is available as trauma therapy. Aiming to cure severe trauma and trauma-related difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias, quickly, efficiently, and safely, TRTP™ is a gracefully simple, but comprehensive, step-by-step process through trauma therapy.

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The TRTP™ process enables you to easily change sabotaging thought patterns that underpin unwanted behaviours and is effective at addressing trauma and associated conditions. There is no need to venture back into the detail of the past, keeping you feeling safe and empowered. Where needed, this process helps free clients to engage in mindfulness-based cognitive strategies more effectively once sabotaging unconscious limiting core beliefs are addressed.

TRTP™ is a unique and dynamic sequenced series of steps, which, if separated, would not be as powerful. TRTP™ incorporates dynamic reimagination, addressing the trauma where it is stored – in the subconscious and in the body. (Levine, van der Kolk, Rothschild, Ogden).

TRTP therapy is in alignment with the two requirements stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts. For trauma to be resolved;

  • The person must (somehow) be moved to an empowered position related to the trauma
  • The body must (somehow) know that the event/events are over/ it’s safe

TRTP™ initially resets underlying, unconscious core beliefs, which keep you stuck in patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. By attending to these at the beginning of the process, self-sabotage is avoided in subsequent sessions. TRTP™ then takes the emotional charge from the past without revisiting/re-traumatising, thus moving you to a place of empowerment related to the trauma.

TRTP™ shifts you from fight/flight/freeze to an empowered, self-regulated state. Your sympathetic nervous system remains calm, and traumatic memories are placed firmly in the past. That is, you will move quickly from the fight, flight, freeze – ‘I’m not safe!’ To, ‘It’s over. I’m safe now…’ Calm returns on all levels and symptoms generally cease.

TRTP™ will address any symptoms as well as the underlying cause of the trauma, safely removing the emotional charge from your past and returning you to a state of empowerment and calm.

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 How Is TRTP™ Different To Traditional Ways Of Resolving Trauma?

TRTP™ is a highly effective blend of multiple psychotherapies and embraces many schools of thought.

TRTP™ “ is a truly eclectic therapy. It is a very structured, yet dynamic process. It includes components of Gestalt, Mindfulness, Ego-state Therapy, Choice Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Parts Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dream Rehearsal Therapy and others” (Judith Richards). Where traditional treatment like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help you manage the symptoms, and prescribed medication reduces or dulls the symptoms, in most cases, TRTP therapy resolves the symptoms so that you can live a life free of trauma.

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What is TRTP therapy?

TRTP™ is a form of experiential therapy that is very effective at resolving severe trauma and trauma-related difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias. TRTP™ involves a unique and dynamic sequenced series of steps and incorporates dynamic reimagination, addressing the trauma where it is stored – in the subconscious and in the body. Often clients come to TRTP™ after having tried established therapies, some for many years, without making progress.

Which therapist is most effective for trauma?

There are many different types of therapists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, hypnotherapists and other mental health practitioners. The most effective therapist for trauma is someone who is skilled in specific trauma therapies and has extensive experience in treating clients for trauma. It is important to find a therapist you connect with, someone who listens to you and treats you as a person, not as a condition.

Can a therapist help with trauma?

Engaging in trauma-focused therapy and working closely with the therapist is an effective way to resolve the effects of trauma. There are other ways to heal such as relationships and connection, re-connecting to your culture and ancestral customs, having a practice such as yoga and/or meditation, expressions such as art, dance, and writing, and more. However, these other ways may simply provide symptom relief and lack the process needed to understand and resolve the root cause of the trauma.  

What kind of trauma counselling is most effective?

Common trauma counselling uses established trauma therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), prolonged exposure (PE) therapy and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR). These have moderate effectiveness and can be slower and risk reactivating traumatic experiences. Newer therapies such as TRTP™ are safer and more effective, while internal family systems (IFS) therapy is more extensive and compassionate.

How long does complex trauma therapy take?

How long therapy takes is situational based on the type of therapy(s) being applied and the readiness of the client to start the therapy treatment. Treatment lengths can vary from years using established therapies down to weeks using other forms of therapy, such as TRTP™. Often a combination of therapies used in sequence can be very useful in treating complex trauma.

Is it possible to recover from complex trauma?

Using the right therapy,  it is possible to fully recover from any traumatic experience or event although this may take time. Different therapies have different degrees of effectiveness. TRTP™  therapy has shown to be very effective at resolving complex trauma when provided by skilled practitioners such as trauma therapists.