Andrew Stone

Clinical Hypnotherapist, TRTP™ Practitioner, Mind & Body Coach

Being human is hard when all around us is fear and uncertainty. We can, however, choose to face this as the very best of who we are, and take courage in knowing that kindness and compassion exists within us.

Qualifications: Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences (HTA), Dip. Prof Coaching (AIPC), Cert. Health Coach (HCI), Cert. Life Coach (HCI), B.Eng (Auck), PostGrad.Dip.Bus (Well)

Certifications: The Richards Trauma Process™ (TRTP), DeTrauma Technique™ (HTA),  Breathing Coach (The Yoga Teacher’s College)

Membership: Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA)

Additional Study: Full Body Systems (Functional Nutrition Alliance)

In a past life… on the corporate treadmill.

I’m married to my beautiful wife, Helen and have four wonderful, adult children. I live in vibrant Melbourne here on the east coast of Australia.

When I was (much) younger I played contact sports, drank on the high side, worked long hours and thought I was bullet-proof. But life has a way of throwing jarring events in your path, giving you the opportunity to really change who you are as a person, to change what you embody, to humble yourself and be grateful for what you have. This is only after you have broken down all resistance and accept responsibility to re-think your world view. As I did.

I now enjoy a balanced lifestyle including meditation and exercise. I am interested in hypnosis, longevity and living a wholesome, organic, plant-based way of being. I believe we can live in harmony with ourselves, in harmony with the natural world of this planet, if we all make a concerted effort to change our ways. In the long run, it’s not just about climate change its about saving ourselves as a species.


By taking an authentic, natural and people centred approach to clients, I found connection to be easy and change inevitable. They say I have a knack of creating within them the self-belief necessary to make positive and permanent behaviour changes. As a professional, I will be on your side, encouraging you and holding you to account to achieve your desired outcome in a safe and confidential environment.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

I use habit change coaching to create daily life style changes for clients in the areas of nutrition, breathing, sleep, stress reduction and strengthening muscles and bones.

As a certified breathing coach, I can share with you techniques to improve your health and reduce the impact of stress on your body.


I am also a proud participant of Melbourne Men’s Group which is a volunteer organisation focussed on men’s personal growth, wellbeing and an enhanced community.